Happy Family Day - From Our Family to Yours

Happy Family Day - From Our Family to Yours

February 11, 2021

On this Family Day, let us take time to reflect on the teachings of our ancestors – as we are reminded of the importance of family as the foundation of well-being for the Nations we serve. Family is there to celebrate the good times and also to carry us through difficult times. We know you miss family members from whom you are separated due to COVID restrictions. We all miss sharing hugs, tears, laughter, meals, holidays, etc., with our loved ones. But we must stay the course; keeping apart, washing our hands, and wearing masks so we don't spread the virus – especially to our elders and our relatives that are living with health complications. For Indigenous people, we consider all our community members as family; therefore, if we keep our families safe, we are keeping our Nations strong.

Our hearts are with you as you enjoy your day! We honour your strength and perseverance through these trying times. Just as our ancestors needed to be resilient to endure the onslaught of past atrocities and disease - we too, have the same resilience to overcome this virus. We are all in this together and we must hold each other up to remain vigilant. When we get tired and frustrated of the COVID restrictions placed upon us - never forget - as Indigenous people we are well adapted to using our survival skills to get through challenging times.

Thank you for taking care of each other by staying apart and listening to our top medical advisor, Dr. Bonnie Henry, as she guides us to a safer tomorrow when we can once again enjoy being together.

On this Family Day, we wish you wellness, strength, and resilience! 

From our family to yours,

Carrier Sekani Family Services.


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