Practice Differently

Now'h ut'en - Now'h guna

Work where culture is at the centre of everything.

Welcome to Carrier Sekani Family Services. As a leading provider of Indigenous health and social services in Central BC, the impact of our work extends beyond the office.

CSFS offers exciting and meaningful career opportunities for individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of Indigenous families and communities. With culture at the centre of everything we do, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing culturally appropriate and respectful services that promote healing, wellness, and self-determination.

Join us and Practice Differently.


How We Practice Differently

Carrier Sekani Family Services is a nimble and flexible organization. A day working here is never the same. These are some of the ways our employees feel that we Practice Differently.

"Carrier Sekani Family Services is not bound by the bureaucracy of other organizations. We start with culture and build programming on that."

"We take into account where our clients are comfortable and how to meet people's needs."

"Working here has sparked curiosity in my own heritage and I have learned so much about Indigenous heritage as well."

"CSFS is always looking for opportunities where people can bring things forward to develop an idea or program."

Why Work at Carrier Sekani
Family Services

Community Impact

Support and empower Nation members of all ages in their journey to self-determination.

  • Knowledge and resources help community members rebuild their cultural identity and live to their full potential.

Work-Life Balance

Prioritize your personal and family well-being.

  • Between 3-6 weeks of paid vacation plus additional time off at Christmas or Spring Break.
  • 13 statutory holidays throughout the year.
  • Up to 12 days a year for sickness, health care appointments, family leave, cultural milestones, or personal emergencies.

Professional Development

CSFS invests in your career.

  • Access to professional development and training opportunities.
  • Support to attain higher education certificates and professional degrees.


More than a competitive wage.

  • Benefits plan with extended health, dental and vision, life insurance, and disability and accident coverage.
  • Mental health support and family assistance programs.
  • Maternity and parental supplemental benefits.
  • Defined contribution pension plan.
  • Moving expenses — program and position dependant.

Employee Stories



The collegial and collaborative environment allows me to work effectively with colleagues from various backgrounds to create a team-based approach to care. This approach ensures that we can provide comprehensive and holistic care to our patients.

– Celena Faulkner
CSFS Nurse Practitioner

Social Work

Social Work

At CSFS, I know these kids and I know what their interests are. They know who I am and they know they can call me and rely on me.

– Adam Buchanan
CSFS Guardianship Social Worker

Professional & Administrative

Professional & Administrative

I can attest that what we are doing at CSFS today is truly ground-breaking. I take great pride in knowing I am supporting a future where every Carrier Sekani child is able to reach their fullest potential.

– Stephanie Konefall
CSFS Director of Jurisdiction

Why North Central BC?

Unlock new career horizons and embrace a thriving lifestyle by making North Central BC your professional and personal haven.

Contact us to learn more about how we put culture at the centre of everything we do.