Health Promotion and Physical Literacy Program

The Health Promotion and Physical Activity department supports active and healthy lifestyles through building capacity for movement, recreation and sport.


About the Program

In a world increasingly dominated by screens and desk-bound lifestyles, movement is essential for maintaining health and vitality for people of all ages. The goal of Health Promotion and Physical Activity is to support in-community, sustainable programming. 

The Health Promotion and Physical Activity department is positioned with the CSFS Primary Care and Rehabilitation Teams. The program is dedicated to advancing recreation and physical activity for our member nations. We provide access to an innovative model of healthcare service delivery (Physiotherapy, physical literacy, coaching, recreation and fitness support) to the 11 First Nation Communities we serve. 


Who We Serve

We provide programming for all ages: from infants to Elders. Programming is facilitated in a variety of ways, and is family focused. We facilitate programming in a number of settings: community halls, day-cares, schools, outdoors, community sport and recreation programs.


How We Can Support You

  • Building capacity for all ages through the development of fundamental movement, recreation, play and sport skills
  • Working internally with other CSFS program areas to develop physical literacy components relating to physical activity, active living, and mental wellness
  • Supporting Band recreation staff to enhance, build and facilitate sport, recreational and play based physical activity programs
  • Consulting with communities about developing land based physical literacy programs. Special consideration to be given to land based traditional activities; hunting, fishing, trapping, berry picking, medicine harvesting.
  • Incorporating the five R’s of restorative approaches – relationship, respect, responsibility, repair, integration – into program design.
  • Promoting healthy eating and meal planning by prioritizing traditional sources of nutrition 


We Want to Hear From You!

For questions or inquiries, please contact:

Amy Merritt, Director of Health Promotion and Physical Activity: , 250 640 0837

Dana Thorne, Physical Literacy Lead: , 672-983-7877 1272

Amy and Dana's office :1272 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC, V2L 3E7

Mutann Cardinal, Physiotherapist : 405-545 highway 16 west, Burns Lake, BC
Phone: 250-692-1444


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you create and facilitate programs for communities?

> We create diverse range of programs, from traditional team sports to cultural, land-based activities, to mindfulness programs. We listen to the wants and needs of the community and create programs based on feedback that we receive. 

Is your programming based in CSFS communities? 

> When possible, yes! We have also offered some urban programming, such as the Learn to Skate program facilitated in Vanderhoof and the Hockey Camp facilitated in Fraser Lake. 

Can I participate without any experience?

> Absolutely! We encourage people of all levels and abilities to participate

Can I bring a friend?

> Yes. Sometimes advance notice or registration is required. 

Can you help me with gear, equipment, or transportation?

> Yes. These things are considered when we are planning programs and activities 

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