Our Research

Our Research Program strives to improve health, social, and legal services through community-based research. Our research team can do this in many ways; sometimes, it's as simple as asking a child if they learned new ideas after going to culture camp. When most of the answers to our questions are positive, we know the program is doing the right thing. Other times, our researchers will ask questions about the big picture, such as "What issues do you face in your community?" or "In a perfect world, what would families be like?"

No matter what questions our researchers ask, the next step is always the same: they listen. They listen to the wisdom that elders share with them. They listen as parents talk about ways to keep children healthy and safe. They listen as teens describe feeling lost or alone. Our research team listens because they know there would be no learning without it. Once they finish listening and carefully recording answers, they write up reports to share what they have learned with all the Carrier Sekani communities and Carrier Sekani Family Services staff. Our researchers give back because they want to keep the knowledge flowing.

Research Projects

Breaking Barriers in Health Care

Breaking Barriers in Health Care

We're leading the way as the first Indigenous health and wellness organization in Canada to offer innovative cancer screening options for women and people with a cervix.

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