Quality Assurance

It is important to us that our services meet the needs of our community members at the highest standards available. Our CSFS Research team conducts regular audits of CSFS programs to ensure that industry standards are met or exceeded for our programs. Audits ensure that industry benchmarks of excellence and community needs are identified, measured and tested to ensure that our programs meet the unique needs of our community members, and fulfill our mandate.

In addition to conducting our own internal program audits, in 2012 Carrier Sekani Family Services chose the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to accredit our agency. CARF is an external organization, which develops program standards of excellence and provides surveys to agencies to see if they are meeting their standards. CARF takes input from employees, employers and clients and compares it to their high quality program standards. These standards are put into place at organizations around the world; CARF accredited agencies are internationally recognized for their success. We chose CARF as our accrediting body for the following reasons:

  • The accreditation process took our good services and made sure they were outstanding
  • It allowed CSFS to remain at the forefront of First Nations human service providers in BC
  • Improved our accountability and shows our communities that we are dedicated to the highest levels of service
  • Provide clear standards and policies to enhance services and programs as well as ensuring equity among staff related to HR

In 2015 CSFS achieved our first ever three-year accreditation! The CSFS programs which worked hard to input CARF standards are:

  • Resources
  • Guardianship
  • Voluntary Family Services
  • Family Preservation
  • Family Support
  • Family Justice
  • Addictions Recovery Program
  • Child & Youth Mental Health
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Aboriginal Supported Child Development
  • Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program
  • Home & Community Care
  • Intensive Family Preservation

Completing a successful CARF accreditation survey provides CSFS with a seal of approval that lets our funding agencies and clients know that CSFS is committed to excellence

To learn more about CARF, please watch either of the 3-4 minute clips below:

For more information please visit www.carf.org.

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