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Carrier and Sekani people historically have resided in a vast territory, of over 76,000 kilometres, primarily located in North Central British Columbia.



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Carrier Sekani Family Services

We proudly provide holistic health and wellness services, in keeping with our mandate, for Carrier and Sekani people in North Central British Columbia. Our culturally relevant services meet high standards. Culture is at the core of all that we do!

All of our holistic wellness programs and services are provided through the Carrier life cycle approach. The Life Cycle provides a foundation for all Carrier Sekani Family Services programs and services. 

The life cycle model acknowledges that there are multiple determinates of holistic health and well being for people at all life stages. The health and well being of all Carrier individuals affects the health and well being of everyone else in that person’s life and community.



Carrier Sekani Family Services believes that a safe and healthy birth is the best start for all children. Goals of our prenatal programs include increasing the number of babies born at a healthy birth weight, and improving the health of the mother and infant through nutrition and supports. We support new parents to create a healthy community network, increase confidence in parenting, and to ensure that knowledge around traditional values and parenting practices are available to our citizens.

Age 0 to 6

Ages 0-6

The period from conception to 6 years of age has the most influence of any period of time on brain development, behaviour and health. Carrier Sekani Family Services' early childhood programs focus on mind, body and spirit while building on the strengths and capacities of pregnant women and parents with young children. Our early childhood and parenting programs aim to keep children and families together and increase the capacity of families to safely care for their children, while nurturing their holistic development.

Age 7-12

Ages 7-12

At Carrier Sekani Family Services, we believe that all children need nurturing and opportunities to participate in healthy activities; this helps children to develop into strong and healthy adults. CSFS aims to provide services to ensure the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children are met through a variety of family and youth oriented services including counselling, occupational health and recreational programming. Ensuring that young people have access to cultural teachings and culturally relevant services helps them to develop a strong and healthy identity. We are always working hard to enhance our existing youth programs through advocacy and funding proposals in collaboration with our member Nations.

Age 13-19

Ages 13-19

Carrier Sekani Family Services believes in nurturing the holistic wellness of our teens by assisting them to develop a healthy sense of identity. The Carrier phrase for the teen years is 'Ny nee Nyhudel Tsut' (getting your mind back) and refers to children growing up into adulthood. To make this important transition we work hard to support our youth to complete their high school education and prepare for college or the work force. Our culture camps and youth services aim to support youth to further develop their holistic wellbeing, while ensuring opportunities to develop a sense of pride, and gain skills to fulfill their traditional roles as young men and women in their communities.

Age 20-29

Ages 20-29

In keeping with the vision of Carrier Sekani Family Services we offer a variety of services for people aged 20- 29 which encompass traditional values of the Carrier and Sekani people. The goals of our programs include ensuring that cultural teachings and support are available to help community members to enter adulthood. In addition to our holistic health and wellness programs, we provide a wide variety of life skills programs based on traditional values to assist for post secondary education and/or career planning, holistic living, and parenthood.

Age 30-59

Ages 30-59

Carrier Sekani Family Services offers a variety of evidence based culturally relevant programs and services for adults to promote healthy living and personal growth. All of our programs encourage traditional teachings and supports that help adults develop and maintain their holistic wellbeing incorporating mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. As this age group contains many knowledge holders, we offer as many opportunities for knowledge sharing as possible so that communities can learn and grow together. Individuals and families who share knowledge and support eachother to live balanced and healthy lives, create strong communities and Nations.

Age 60+

Ages 60+

Elders are important and play an instrumental part in the teachings of Carrier & Sekani people and the programs and services we provide. The importance of ensuring Elders are honoured and connected with family and community is vital to our mandate. Carrier Sekani Family Services offers programs that focus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our Elders. By creating knowledge sharing opportunties, we empower our elders to uphold their traditional roles as community knowledge holders. We strive to support our elders to live as holistically healthy and independantly as possible. Many of our programs also create elder mentoring components for youth to ensure the spiritual and cultural supports are upheld and knowledge is translated down to create strong and healthy future generations.


CSFS Softball Tournament July 2022

CSFS Softball Tournament July 2022

June 24, 2022

CSFS Men’s Health invites you to be a part of this year’s Softball Tournament to be held at the Baseball Fields in Vanderhoof on the July 23-24 July. All member nations and CSFS staff are welcome to participate. Registration is now open. Get on deck and sign up!

CSFS Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day with Special Event in City of Vanderhoof

CSFS Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day with Special Event in City of Vanderhoof

June 14, 2022

Carrier Sekani Family Services, in partnership with Saik'uz First Nation and the City of Vanderhoof, will be hosting an Indigenous Peoples Day celebration on June 21st with special guests and performers. 

Constitutionality of Indigenous child welfare law to be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada

Constitutionality of Indigenous child welfare law to be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada

May 27, 2022

Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal the Quebec Court of Appeal’s (QCCA) decision regarding federal Indigenous child welfare legislation.


Culture Blog

Lahal: A Game To Teach Children Traditional Songs and Drumming

Lahal: A Game To Teach Children Traditional Songs and Drumming

May 20, 2021

Lahal was, traditionally, a gambling game played by adults. Today, Lahal is being taught to children so they can learn traditional songs and drumming. Read about how to play this game - written by our special guest, Francois Prince!


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Wellness Walk

Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park (Band Shell Side),17th Ave, Prince George

Wellness Walk

Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park (Band Shell Side),17th Ave, Prince George

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Hadih House - 2105 Pine St., Prince George