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The Clinic team provides mobile diabetes prevention and intervention education, checkups and testing in communities all across Northern British Columbia. Our team includes a Diabetes Nurse Educator, a Vision Technician, and a Manager who collaborate with Diabetes experts across the province. During a clinic, we partner with clients and other health professionals and caregivers in the community to assess your health. We might ask you how long you have had diabetes, what pills you are taking, and what your lifestyle is like. Some of the tests the Nurse might administer include a finger-prick test, blood pressure test, a foot exam, eye exam and a urine (pee) test.
The Nurse will tell you your test results during the clinic. You will be able to discuss Diabetes with the Nurse and explore lifestyle changes to help live better with Diabetes and keep it under control. The vision technician will perform an eye exam to see if Diabetes is affecting your sight. Then the technician sends your eye exam results to a specialist in Vancouver. Once the specialist sees your results, he will contact your doctor. All of the test results from the clinic will go to your family doctor and another specialist who is an expert on Diabetes.


We encourage all adults and children from any age in the lifecycle to get tested for Diabetes when the Mobile Diabetes Telemedicine Clinic comes to your community. Remember, people of Aboriginal descent are at a higher risk when it comes to developing Diabetes. We recommend that you get tested regularly Services at the clinics are offered free-of-charge. The clinics provide a great way to learn more about Diabetes and how you can manage your blood sugar (glucose levels).

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

You could be suffering from Diabetes if you have noticed these symptoms:

  • You're very thirsty all the time
  • You need to urinate (pee) often
  • You lose or gain weight without trying
  • You feel very tired all the time
  • Your eyes seem blurry
  • You get infections often
  • Your cuts and bruises heal slowly
  • Your hands and feet have tingling, pain, burning, or no feeling at all.

We are always looking for nurses to join our health services team at CSFS, for more information about job opportunities, please check out our careers page.


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