Youth Services

"Supporting and empowering youth through culture, education, and the promotion of holistic wellness"


CSFS Youth Services provides high quality programming to children and youth ages 8-29 years. We also provide support for Youth Service development and service delivery within the Carrier and Sekani eleven-member Nations. 

CSFS Youth Services provides wrap-around and low barrier resources. Our programming includes cultural, recreational and life skills opportunities and increasing protective factors through year-round programming in a group or 1:1 service delivery approach. Individualized services are also available to any youth (ages 8-24) who makes a request, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the young person.

All Youth Services programming is open to both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous individuals. Specific programs and services are organized by age and gender.


Niwh Hiskak Habibeh (Prince George) | Sk'ai Zeh Yah (Prince George) | S'yoh (Vanderhoof) | Burns Lake Youth Services


Niwh Hiskak Habibeh "For Our Children"

The Prince George Niwh Hiskakkak Habibeh (For the Children) team provides youth empowerment services in a safe, welcoming space that embraces youth engagement. Our programming instills cultural pride while actively participating in reconciliation for brighter futures for Indigenous youth. 


Programs at Niwh Hiskak Habibeh

•             Walk Tall 

•             Youth Support Services: Intensive Youth Social Workers

•             Elder Youth Mentorship

•             Youth Pantry / Food Bank

•             Youth Advisory Council 

•             Nk’Esiy (Youth Pride Group) 

•             Noh’ Khunik (Our Language)

See calendar for upcoming programs here

Walk Tall

The program provides youth ages 8-18 years with opportunities to participate in after-school programming designed specifically to meet the cultural, recreational and educational needs and interests of the youth involved. Divided into two groups; junior group (8-12 years) and senior group ()13-18 years),our programming and services are focused on the following themes: 

Cultural: Activities that centre on traditional teachings of the Carrier culture, and include knowledge holders, Elders and Community members. Activities can include drumming, traditional crafts, language lessons, story-telling, and food preservation workshops.  

Recreational: Activities include movie nights, bowling, swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, cooking, fishing and other recreational events. 

Education: Workshops are held throughout the year and will cover various topics such as, traditional Indigenous practices, youth rights, employment skills, drug and alcohol awareness education, etc. 


Senior Walk Tall (Prince George) 13-18 years old

The group's goal is to provide a safe and supportive place where youth can experience new opportunities, build positive relationships[OB1] , overcome barriers, and learn about Carrier Culture. Carrier traditional values and customs are the foundation of this group’s structure. 

Junior Walk Tall (Prince George) 8-12 years old. 

The group's goal is to provide a safe and supportive place where youth can experience new opportunities, build positive relationships, overcome barriers, and learn about Carrier Culture. Carrier traditional values and customs are the foundation of this group’s structure.

Youth Support Services (Intensive Youth Social Workers) 8-24 years old

Intensive Youth Social Workers (IYSW) provide individualized services to their assigned caseload. Youth Support services are available to youth aged 8-24 years old. These services are tailored to support youth to develop the confidence and skills necessary to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. IYSW’s meet with client weekly or bi-weekly for 2 hours of goal oriented support work. 

Elder Youth Mentorship Program (EYM)

Our EYM program promotes cultural permanency for youth in care. It provides opportunities for community engagement, cultural connection, and building a strong sense of identity and cultural pride. Youth in care and their families attend monthly EYM activities facilitated in CSFS member Nations or urban centers (Vanderhoof, Burns Lake, and Prince George). Elder mentors are involved in planning the events and activities, and they receive support and training throughout the mentorship process. 

Youth Pantry / Food Bank 

The Niwh Hiskak Habibeh team has a designated Youth Pantry where youth who have active files can access non-perishable foods, fruits, vegetables, and meal kits for their personal use. The youth pantry also has hygiene necessities, and some clothing. 

Youth Advisory Council

The CSFS Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of empowered youth who use their lived experience with the government care system to improve youth services at CSFS. The Council is made up of members between the ages of 13-18. YAC members provide recommendations about services and policies that affect children, youth, and families in our service delivery area, including our eleven member Nations and urban centres (Burns Lake, Vanderhoof and Prince George). Children and youth have a right to be involved in decision-making that effects their lives. CSFS is committed to including voices of youth in our strategic plans, policies and services. Their perspectives are vital to improving services for children, youth and families.

Nk’Esiy (Youth PRIDE Group) 

Our Nk’Esiy Pride Group is comprised of members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and ally’s who are committed to creating a safe and accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action, and advocacy. The group participants and facilitators understand that two-spirit empowerment and Indigenous issues are linked and that decolonization is an essential part of supporting two-spirit people. 

Noh’ Khunik (Our Language)

The Carrier Language Program is to re-connect Indigenous children and youth with their language and culture, enhancing positive self-identity, cultural connection and pride. In addition to learning language, this program provides teachings in traditional Indigenous roles associated with the child's specific life stages and community. Youth will be supported to practice their language within with their families in their homes. Youth and caregivers participate in language based learning activities with the participants during the weekly programs. The program is lead by traditional knowledge holders who are fluent in the Carrier-Sekani (Nadut'en) language. The knowledge holders provide weekly immersion style language classes to Indigenous children and youth and their caregivers. 


Sk’ai Zeh Yah Drop-in Centre 

The centre provides a safe and healthy environment for those living on the streets, ages 16-29 years old. We ensure low barrier services, including access to social and health programs. 

The drop-in space offers immediate supports to youth who need basic necessities and/or a safe place. These include; hot breakfast and lunch, access to laundry facilities, hygiene items, bus tickets and so much more.

In addition, the High Risk Youth Services program  offers a variety of activities and life skills workshops.



Contact Youth Services by phone (see below). Referral forms are available HERE. Use the information at the top of the referral form to learn where to send the completed form.


Prince George

Niwh Hiskak Habibeh (For Our Children) Youth Services
Programs: Youth Wellness Services, Walk Tall, Elder Youth Mentorship & the Child and Youth Advocacy Centre
835 – 3rd Ave
Prince George, BC V2L 3C7
Telephone: 250-564-5643

Skai Zeh Yah Youth Centre
1575 - 2nd Ave
Prince George, BC V2L 3B8
Telephone: 250-645-5476 

Hours: 9am-4pm Monday to Friday


171 East Columbia Street
Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0
Telephone: 250-567-0091

Burns Lake

492 Highway 16,
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0
Telephone: 250-692-3997
Cell: 250-692-0759

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