Youth Services

" Supporting and empowering youth through culture, education, and the promotion of holistic wellness"


Our mission at Youth Services is to provide high quality programming to children and youth aged 8-30 years old in Prince George, Vanderhoof, and Burns Lake and to facilitate service delivery within the Carrier and Sekani eleven-member Nations. We are a prevention and empowerment program that uses promising practice to support young people as they build meaningful relationships, strong cultural ties, and life skills that lead to healthy choices and a bright future.


Youth Services provides wraparound support to reduce and prevent homelessness, poverty, substance use, and various high-risk activities with the goal of improving experiences and outcomes for children and youth. The program both increases protective factors and reduces risk factors through year-round programming including 1:1 Wellness services, advocacy, Elder mentorship, youth groups, outreach, post-care support, and culture camps. 


  • Provide youth with opportunities to increase resilience;
  • Positively impact the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well being of youth;
  • Assist youth in developing cultural knowledge, belonging, and identity;
  • Decrease youth risk factors, including substance use, poverty, homelessness, exploitation, and justice system involvement;
  • Support the development of goals, hopes and dreams for the future;
  • Increase life skills to foster foundational learning and a positive transition to adulthood; and
  • Offer comprehensive service delivery in both 1:1 and group settings.
  • Improving outcomes for youth post-care and providing supports for young adults.



Individualized services are available to any youth (ages 8-24) who makes a request, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the young person. Meetings usually take place in the community or at the Youth Services office. Services are tailored to support youth to develop the confidence and skills to overcome any situation the youth has identified as challenging or problematic. Youth care workers will assist youth in working toward achieving personal goals during times that accommodate the youth’s availability. Although individualized services are available to all youth, priority registration is given to youth in the care of CSFS Guardianship workers. 


All Youth Services programming is open to both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous individuals. Specific programs and services are organized by age and gender.


Our Walk Tall program offers afterschool programming for youth ages 8-18. Junior Walk Tall groups are comprised of youth ages 8-12 years, and senior Walk Tall is 13-18 years. The goal of each group is to provide a safe and supportive place where youth can experience new opportunities, build positive relationships, overcome barriers, and learn about Carrier Culture. The group is guided by Carrier values and customs.

Our Walk Tall program provides youth with an opportunity to receive year-round, weekly programming which includes:

  • Culture: includes traditional teachings, ceremonies, and language and art lessons, facilitated by CSFS community members and inspiring First Nations speakers, artists, and knowledge holders.
  • Recreation: includes movie nights, bowling, swimming, hiking, arts, crafts, cooking, fishing, and others.
  • Prevention & Education: workshops held throughout the year that cover topics such as healthy sexuality, drug and alcohol awareness education, nutrition, and mental wellness, etc.
  • Youth Leadership & Development: a weekly Youth Leadership Group that provides youth with opportunities to develop their own leadership skills by participating in activities that focus on employment readiness, group projects, budgeting, public speaking, and other life-skills. The Youth Leadership Group provides insight and guidance to CSFS Youth Services staff on the development of Youth Services in Prince George, including planning annual culture camps, mentoring, and connecting with community partners and resources as well as involvement with Youth Services Strategic Planning. Youth Leadership Group members gain valuable experience and learn life skills such as effective communication, project planning, professional development, and collaboration in an experiential, learning-based environment.


CSFS supports its member Nations to host annual Culture camps to teach youth the traditional practices of Carrier and Sekani peoples. Youth who participate in the camps learn traditional practices and are taught to process fish, hunt, and gather berries and traditional medicine (plants). Carrier Sekani Family Services reaches out to elders and knowledge holders from the communities to support in the delivery of the camps, as well as guide cultural teachings. When the youth are not participating in cultural events, they are engaging in workshops and activities that encompass the camp theme. CSFS has developed a Culture Camp Curriculum that is available as a resource to communities who are interested in developing and implementing safe and culturally relevant camps.


The Elder Youth Mentorship programs aims to provide opportunities for engagement and cultural permanency for Saik’uz and Lake Babine First Nation’s youth in care. Elder Mentors involved will receive training and support throughout the mentorship process. Elder mentors, youth in care, caregivers, and CSFS staff participate in events focused on language revitalization, cultural teachings, and relationship building.  Elder Youth Mentorship events are hosted either bi-weekly (Saik’uz) or monthly (Lake Babine Nation).



Youth Services has a dedicated worker that establishes connections with communities and identifies cultural knowledge holders, while connecting those individuals with youth via planned activities, groups, individual work, etc. The Cultural Engagement Worker develops strong working relationships and liaises with MCFD, Youth Forensics, and other programs through Carrier Sekani to identify youth who would be willing to engage and work on cultural growth, lifeskills, and connection to family and community.



The Lifeskills Program provides informed and knowledgeable direction and support to young people who need skills training (grocery shopping, budgeting, accessing community services, understanding government processes, etc.). The Lifeskills Worker has a robust understanding of the realities and challenges that youth face daily and will motivate and direct those individuals through the use of example-leadership, coaching and establishing accountability for youth to build relevant and meaningful skills that will help navigate appropriate services. They establish and maintain healthy, trusting relationships and act as a role model to the youth, offering guidance, support, encouragement and stability, all in a cultural context while also maintaining healthy boundaries. They work in collaboration with the rest of the staff at Youth Services to provide a holistic service plan.


Contact Youth Services by phone or email (see below). Referral forms are available HERE. Referral forms can be sent to who will initiate the intake process.


Prince George

1575, 2nd Avenue, V2L 3B8

Telephone: 250-564-5643



171, East Columbia Street, V0J 3A0

Telephone: 250-567-0091


Burns Lake

492, Highway 16, V0J 1E0

Telephone: 250-692-3997

Cell: 250-692-0759

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