Youth Services


"Empowering and supporting youth through culture, education, and wellness promotion"


Our mission is to provide high quality youth services to aboriginal and non-aboriginal youth in Prince George and Burns Lake. The purpose of our program is to prevent and reduce youth substance use and violence while improving outcomes for youth. We achieve this by increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors through year-round programing, therapeutic 1:1 service, summer camps, culture camps and resource bridging. We use proven methods to support youth aged 8-24 years old as they establish healthy relationships, strong cultural ties and life skills that lead to healthy choices and bright futures.


  • Provide youth with opportunities to increase resilience
  • Positively impact emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well being
  • Assist youth to develop cultural knowledge and identity
  • Decrease risk factors including substance use and justice system involvement
  • Support the development of goals, hopes and dreams for the future
  • Increase life skills to foster positive transitions to adulthood
  • Therapeutic 1:1 Services (Prince George)
  • Services where a worker supports a youth in an individualized setting are available to any youth who makes a request. Services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the youth in 1:1 meeting’s up to two times per week. Meetings usually take place in the community or at our office. Services are tailored to support youth to develop the confidence and skills to overcome whatever situation they want help to address. The youth work with a therapeutic care worker toward achieving personal goals, during hours that accommodate the youth’s availability. Although 1:1 service is available to all youth, priority registration is given to youth in care of CSFS Guardianship workers. 

WALK TALL (Prince George & Burns Lake)

Our Walk Tall program provides youth with an opportunity to receive gender specific programming which includes:
Recreation: Our recreational activities include movie nights, bowling, swimming, hiking, arts, crafts, cooking, fishing and others.
Prevention and Education Workshops: Held throughout the year, workshops cover topics such as visual media arts, traditional First Nations practices, healthy sexuality, drug and alcohol use, etc.
Youth Leadership and Development: A joint advisory council encourages youth to be involved in the development of the Walk Tall program.


We offer a Boys Group for youth 8-12 years old. The goal of the group is to provide a safe and supportive place where youth can experience new opportunities, build positive relationships, overcome barriers, and learn about Carrier Culture. The group is guided by Carrier values and customs.
We also have a girl’s group for youth 8-12 years old. Girls group seeks to provide a safe and supportive place where girls can experience new opportunities, build positive relationships, overcome barriers, and learn about Carrier Culture. This group is also guided by Carrier traditional values and customs. 


Culture camps are held each year to teach the youth the traditional practices of Carrier Sekani Territory. Youth learn the traditional practices associated with the gender they identify with. The youth and their chaperones are taught to process fish, hunt, and gather berries and traditional medicine plants. Carrier Sekani Family Services reaches out to elders, and knowledge holders from the communities to support in the delivery of the camps, and cultural teachings. Transportation to and from the camp is provided. In addition to the cultural teachings each camp has a theme (for example in 2015 the theme was leadership). When the youth are not participating in cultural teachings, they are engaging in workshops and activities that encompass the camp theme. Of course, the youth also get the classic camp experiences s’mores, camp fires, drumming and singing, and swimming.


This Walk Tall Expansion Project aims to provide opportunities for cultural permanency for Saik’uz youth in care through and Elder Youth Mentorship program, and opportunities for engagement for all you in Saik’uz and the surrounding area. The Youth Services team hosts monthly youth events which are open to all youth and facilitates an elder youth mentorship program which is open to Saik’uz youth in care. Elder mentors will gain knowledge from their role as a mentor and will receive training and support throughout the mentorship process.


Our Youth Council meets once a week, and provides youth accessing CSFS Youth services with an opportunity to provide insight and guidance to CSFS Youth Services staff on the development of CSFS Youth Services in Prince George. Youth Council supports youth and their families by engaging youth, and sometimes their families in the process of developing youth services, planning annual culture camps, mentoring, and connecting with community partners and resources.
We include our Youth Council or a representative from the Youth Council in discussions and actions related to community partnership, Youth Services Strategic Planning, annual culture camp planning, and program planning. By including youth in meetings with community partners and planning of events we will encourage community partnerships with youth and introduce youth to local resources

CSFS Youth Council members gain valuable experience and learn life skills such as effective communication, project planning, professional development, and collaboration in an experiential learning-based environment.


Our programs and services are organized by age group and gender. Jr. Walk Tall after school programming for boys and girls is available for youth 8-12 yrs. Walk Tall after school and weekend programming for boys and girls is available for youth ages 12-18 years. 1:1 Therapeutic services are available to youth aged 8-24 years old. All Youth Services programming is open to First Nations and Non-First Nations individuals.


There are two ways to apply for youth services.

1)    Contact Walk Tall by phone or email and ask to speak to the Walk Tall Team Lead
2)    Ask a parent, teacher, social worker, or youth probation officer for a referral. 

Referral forms are available HERE. Services are offered free of charge. Priority registration for 1:1 services is given to youth in the care of a CSFS Guardianship worker.


Walk Tall is currently seeking funding for the upcoming year. Walk Tall has been making a difference in local youth's lives for six years and we would like to continue to do so for many years to come.


Prince George Office

1272 - 3rd Ave
Prince George, BC
V2L 3E7

Telephone: 250-564-5643
Fax: 250-562-2272

Burns Lake Office

108-2nd Ave,
Burns Lake, BC
V0J 1E0

Telephone: 250-692-3997
Cell: 250-692-0759
Fax: 250-692-2389


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