Best Beginnings Outreach Program

The best way to ensure our little ones grow up to be healthy and strong is to ensure their unique needs are assessed early so that services can be provided – the earlier the better! The Best Beginnings Outreach Program (BBOP) team consists of an Aboriginal Infant Development Consultant, Speech and Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist. These professionals work together with families to navigate the early stages of their children's development, as well as the process of assessment, diagnosis and early intervention services when needed. Our goal is to provide meaningful information and services to ensure little ones have their best chance for healthy development!

BBOP is a free program that anyone can refer to by accessing our ECD referral form (see below). The Infant Development consultant will come in and meet with the family and do an initial screening. If the child is showing a delay a speech and language pathologist or occupational therapist will also do a thorough assessment and goals and planning with be set up according to the family/child needs.

Our program provides culturally relevant support to Aboriginal children 0-6 years and their families in Yekooche, Takla, Sai'kuz, Nadleh, and Stellat'en.

Specifically, the Best Beginnings Outreach Aboriginal Infant Development Consultants support children and families with:

  • Home visits,
  • playgroups,
  • parent education programs,
  • parent support groups,
  • parent to parent connections,
  • Assisting families to plan activities that will encourage the optimum development of their children

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