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Teaching the Youth Carrier Language
November 17, 2023

Bring Carrier language into your home! The Niwh Khinek teaches the Nadut’en dialect to children and youths from ages 0-18, along with their...

Finding Solace in Fashion Design
August 29, 2023

Learn how Gladys Michell found her inner peace from sewing and design

Foot in Both Worlds
May 29, 2023

Reflections from the Nowh Guna’ (Our Way) Carrier Agility Training from a participant.  

Celebrating Our Matriarchs – International Women’s Day
March 08, 2023

Happy International Women's Day. We celebrate our matriarchs and women leaders at CSFS for their wisdom, love, and guidance that continues to lead...

Reaffirming Who We Are with Ceremony
March 06, 2023

Yekooche Elder Henry Joseph shares what his Elders taught him about healing with ceremony, and how it reaffirms the culture of the Dakelh people

Warming Up to Winter
February 24, 2023

An interview with Christina Dobson, clinical director of the Mental Health and Wellness program as she explores positive winter mindsets, seasonal...

Growing Together through Art
January 25, 2023

Clayton Gauthier explains the sacred nature of the drums, the relevance of animals in Indigenous art and his visit to the Walk Tall group in...

Preserving 101: Off-Season Canning
January 25, 2023

CSFS Maternal Child Health program organizes an off-season canning demonstration to interact and promote Indigenous culture

Diabetes Awareness Month
December 24, 2022

November is Diabetes Awareness Month across the world. It is a time not only dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes, but also a time to get...

Honour & Respect: Traditional Regalia
September 06, 2022

Cindy Lowley-Patrick and Eugene Patrick share their knowledge on the cultural significance of traditional regalia.

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