Health and Wellness Counselling Program

The Program

All of our counsellors work within a carrier cultural framework to ensure that our clients receive services relevant to their needs. Sometimes children, youth and adults need extra support to work through difficult situations and emotions. Our focus is to integrate traditional practices into the assessment and treatment services we provide.

Additionally, our team receives training to understand the unique culture, dialect and history of each of our Nations. Additionally, we provide crisis intervention services to assist communities when a crisis overwhelms the regular resources. Additionally, we also provide support to the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program workers in our Member Nations.

Goals of the Program

* Provide children, youth and adults with access to timely, evidence-based and culturally relevant mental health consultation, assessment and treatment services
* Ensure services are coordinated across public health and primary care, early child development, schools, special needs, child protection and addictions services
* Promote evidence-based services as the standard of care, backed up by training, education and monitoring
* Reduce children's risk of developing mental illness through means such as public education and expert involvement across sectors
* Build capacity in families and communities so they are better able to prevent and mitigate potential effects of harmful factors in a child's environment


Our Clients

The health and wellness program offers counselling services for children, youth, adults, and their families when they are experiencing serious challenges. Our caring professional counsellors provide health and wellness services to child and youth and their families in 13 Carrier Nation communities. Our community clinicians provide on and off-reserve counselling to 10 of our Member Nations.

Click below to access the contact information for all our mental health centres across our member nations

Community mental health centres

Child and Youth mental health centres


Referral Process

Our counseling program accepts anyone through our policy of 'every door is the right door', free of charge.  You can find a referral form here.  


Hours of Operation

8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. After hour appointments and workshops may be offered depending on individual and community need.


Contact Information

For a comprehensive list of our

Prince George Office

#301-1705 3rd Ave
Prince George, BC

Telephone: 250-564-4079
Fax: 250-561-7097


Vanderhoof Office

240 W. Steward St.
Vanderhoof, BC
Toll free: 1-866-567-2333 
Telephone: 250-567-2900                                                
Fax: 250-567-2975
Burns Lake Office

Burns Lake, BC
Telephone: 250-692-2387  
Fax: 250-692-2389
Contact Person
Marilyn Janzen, Director of Health and Wellness


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