Family Empowerment Supported Visit Program

The Family Empowerment Supported Visit Program works with families who are involved with the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD). Our workers are dedicated to supporting families in their health and wellbeing in a holistic and respectful manner, while providing supervised access between family members.

When a social worker provides our program staff with a visitation contract, our workers and / or CSFS guardianship worker arrange and supervise visits between parents, families and extended families to ensure that families can stay connected. We provide transportation to the children to ensure they can attend the visit and provide the family with information, advocacy and support when appropriate. We work from a strengths based perspective and encourage families to interact in a positive manner. Our goals are to ensure:

  • safe and secure parent / family and child interactions
  • monitor and record visitation activities
  • deliver non-intrusive, skill development support with a focus on safety, communication, social needs, emotional needs and nutritional needs as related to the child / youth's development
  • Referrals to our program are provided by Social Workers, and through our contract with the Ministry of Children and Family Development there is no fee charged to families.

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