HIV Aids Coalition

The HIV Aids Coalition works to help aboriginal people in northern BC achieve and maintain strong, healthy, and fulfilling lives free of HIV/AIDS and related issues. The Northern B.C. Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Task Force was formed as a result of the collective will of sixty Chiefs from communities across Northern B.C.; hosted by Carrier Sekani Family Services to champion a collective Aboriginal response to the HIV/HCV epidemic. The declaration signed at the Leadership Forum in 2005 provided the Task Force with a mandate to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that encourages community driven approaches, regional partnerships and extensive networks in an effort to strengthen individuals and communities to combat HIV/AIDS and HCV.

The Coalition provides aboriginal youth, healthcare workers, and leaders with information about HIV/AIDS. They have also developed prevention programs, built community support for those affected, and campaigned for improved funding. Our coalition consists of volunteers with a wide variety of experience and backgrounds: First Nations community leaders, elders, youth, and those living with HIV/AIDS; representatives from Aboriginal Service Organizations; healthcare providers and professionals; all levels of government; and the RCMP. The Northern BC First Nations HIV/AIDS Coalition provides HIV/AIDS/HCV education, awareness, prevention and support services to all First Nations communities in Northern BC. Our Educators are always ready and willing to work with your community.

To book our educators to come to your community, contact HIV/AIDS Coalition at, or It is recommended that the training be part of a health conference and/or health fair so that attendance is high and is more effective for the entire community. We are also available to provide information booths at health fairs or community events.

Please contact the HIV/AIDS Coalition for more information about this program;

HIV/AIDS Coalition
835 3rd Ave
Prince George, BC V2L 3C7
Ph: 250.563.1281
TF: 1.800.889.6855
F: 250.563.1748

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