Communications Survey Results

Communications Survey Results

February 2, 2023

Thank you to all who participated in our CSFS survey that we ran last year. We value and honour your feedback.

We are pleased to see that you feel like CSFS is an important part of your community – in fact, this increased to 78% compared to 61% in 2020. We plan to keep working hard to ensure that we serve your community well, and that you continue to feel like we’re an important part of your community.

We also heard that the way you prefer to receive information on CSFS is through our Facebook page. If you aren’t following us on Facebook, we highly recommend doing so as that is where we are most active, and post important updates such as on community events. If you are already following us on Facebook – thank you. We will strive to continue sharing timely and relevant information on that platform. 

You told us what you want to hear more about, including:

-          Funding available to communities or families

-          Transparency around financial information

-          Job and training opportunities 

-          Information on CSFS services in general

-          Introductions of community staff members

-          Information on mental health and youth services available to community members

 You also said that you would like more advance notice for events or services offered in community, and that you would like to see more emails for those who don’t use social media.

We have included all these items in our operational plans to improve over the next two years. Some of the ways we will provide this information are:

-          Sharing funding and proposal opportunities as they come available on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages;

-          Sharing financial statements in our Annual General Assembly Booklet each year, which can be found on our website;

-          Sharing regular job and training opportunities as they come available on our website, and through social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; and planning a recruitment strategy for 2023-2024 to highlight CSFS employment opportunities;

-          Sharing introductions to community staff members on the CSFS Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, in the CSFS Goozih Dust’lus and with member Nations to share through their own communications channels;

-          Sharing youth and mental health services by working directly with programs to ensure community members are aware of services available to them;

-          Sharing more about all the services that CSFS provides through a new campaign over the next year;

-          Sharing more information through email.


As always, we welcome your feedback so we can improve our services. You can submit a feedback at any time on our website or contact Pauline Gregg, our Health & Social Services advocate.


You can contact Pauline during working hours (8:30am – 4:30pm),, 778-349-1580



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