The team works in collaboration with Elders, Matriarchs, Knowledge Holders and member Nations to support the drafting of the child and family welfare legislation, prepare for coordination table discussions, and support the structural transformation of services currently being offered.

Subcommittee Work

Oversight Committee

The Leadership Oversight Committee’s purpose is to guide the development and implementation of the Carrier and Sekani child and family legislation from a community-based perspective, incorporating the values of the Bah’lats in the process. 

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee informs the draft legislation and supports the transformation of services currently being offered to prepare CSFS service delivery and member Nations for the future state. This work will be operationalized through six sub-committees:

  • Culture, Capacity Building & Training Working Group
  • Legislative Drafting Working Group
  • Jurisdiction Communication Working Group
  • Data Management & Systems Working Group
  • Delegation Transition Working Group
  • Protocol & Policy Working Group

Lhnayuah odalah

(Gathering information)


Nations have always had the right and responsibility to look after children and families. The transition process to reassert this authority is one of co-creation and collaboration. We honour all Dineeze’, Ts’akuze’, Sk’iyze, Knowledge Holders, and community members whose voices and advocacy guide this journey. Snachailya.


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