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A True Christmas Miracle Story from Takla Lake

A True Christmas Miracle Story from Takla Lake

Dec 23, 2017
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We were very lucky to have this story shared for our culture blog from Robert Abraham, telling of a true Christmas miracle which happened out on the Takla territory in the 1940's. 

"My name is Robert Abraham, I come from the Takla Lake First Nations band. My parents are Johnny and Susan Abraham. Catherine is my mom's sister who's teenage photo is included here for this story.

Here's an interesting true Christmas story about the Priest in our area in the early 1940's. My aunty Catherine shared this beautiful story of faith with me about when she was a young girl. I believe it was father Dekyzzer, the one Priest in our area that served Lake Babine and Takla at that time. He would travel with snow shoes on the old trail from Babine to Takla during the wintertime. In the summer he would sometimes ride on horse back or just walk.

One December near Christmas after the lake froze over and the whole area was still covered in heavy fog; father was to have his midnight Mass here in Takla. Our grandmother Sarah Teegees who we called Aneh; her house was near the church so her daughter Catherine was always ringing the Church bell on Sundays for the village. On late afternoon Catherine went to ring the church bell before the priest came across the ice. Unbeknownst to her, the Priest was lost in the dense fog that covered the ice, and when Catherine started ringing that bell, she said, "A FORCE" of some kind held her hand there on the rope, and she couldn’t let go. She stood there over half an hour and kept ringing that bell and couldn't let the rope go. It didn't make sense to her at the moment why she was doing it? She just felt led to do it and she followed the feeling that held her hand there.

What really was happening was that the Priest was lost in the fog and was following the sounds of the church bell down the mountain side and through the thick fog across the lake from the other side. He found his way back across from following the bell sounds. The Creator was behind it; Catherine knew then why she couldn't let that bell rope go when the Priest shared what happened at the church service. A beautiful example of obeying, and following your Faith at Christmas time. The Creator is Sovereign, can help in any kind of situation, and responds to Faith."

Mussi Cho to Robert Abraham for sharing this story with us, and Merry Christmas to all!


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