Registered Nurses provide preventative holistic health & wellness services and education in our member nation communities on regularly scheduled days and times. Nurses at Carrier Sekani Family Services collaborate with Physicians, Specialists and Community Health Representatives, Home Care as well as other allied health professionals to ensure an integrated approach to wellness for our community members. We provide culturally sensitive and holistic care in various health centres across the region. Providing nursing services in our communities helps our community members to access health services when and where it is needed.


In communities, Nurses provide a wide range of services for all areas of the life cycle. Some of our services include pre and post-natal education and care, immunization programs for infants and children, health education to meet the changing healthcare needs in each community, men's and women's wellness clinics, and regular home visits to elders to assess their changing needs and provide ongoing support. Preventing health issues before they start is an important aspect of ensuring wellness wherever possible.


We always want to hear from Nurses who are interested in working with us. Carrier Sekani Family Services offers a team environment, rewarding work, cutting edge technologies and flexible schedules that work with your life. Click here to view our Careers Page.

Prince George Office

987 4thAvenue
Prince George, BC
V2L 3H7

Telephone: 250-562-3591
Fax: 250-562-2272


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