Community Wellness Committee Job Postings

April 15, 2019

Community Wellness Committee (CWC)
Carrier Sekani Family Services (CSFS)

Open Opportunities: 1 Full Time; 2 Part time Paid positions
·       Respected community members committed to supporting children and families
·       Respected community members committed to improving health and wellbeing of their respective community.
·       Elder, youth, family member, and spiritual leader who love and support children and families.
The role of the Community Wellness Committee is:
To be involved in key decision making in health and child welfare matters including general care and guardianship
Identify community strengths (e.g. healthy community members, culture, language and positive community activities and events)
Advise CSFS on strengths, challenges and opportunities as well as traditional practices and community resources that support services for children and families in the community
To act as the representatives for the Nation, including, but not limited to, attending calls with CSFS and MCFD
To act as liaison between the CSFS Health and Child and Family Services Departments, MCFD, Chief and Council, and the community
To act as advocates for the Nation’s children and families and to communicate challenges in health services and suggest solutions for a healthier community
To be involved in safety planning, child placements and developing comprehensive plans of care
Be involved in integrating service providers from Child and Family Services and from Health services
To ensure that the holistic needs of the child are met by identifying key preventative services required by the individuals, families and community
Any other Health, Child and Family Service matters as identified by the Nation.
Community Wellness Committee member’s ideal qualities and skills which the chief and council may wish to consider when selecting their three CWC members has:
1              Positive, healthy people who are community role models for:
·      living a healthy balanced life
·      advocating for the rights of others or their own rights
·      already supporting children and families
2              Ability to communicate and get along well with others and collect information from families in a non-judgemental, strength-based focus
3              Personal experience dealing with MCFD interactions with a positive outcome
4              Elders, Drug and Alcohol Counsellors
5              Understanding of Child Welfare policy, procedures and practices
6              Willingness to have a criminal record check (RCMP) and a prior contact check (MCFD)
7              The Family Preservation Worker will also be part of the Community Based Team.
Chief and Council will appoint individuals who applied to become a Community Wellness Committee member through CSFS
Please feel free to contact Annie Weinard, Community Wellness Committee training Coordinator at Cell: 250.981.4384, if you need any further information. Send your resume with cover letter to


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