Carrier Culture Training - Nowh Guna' Tseh

Carrier Culture Training - Nowh Guna' Tseh

June 12, 2018

We are pleased to announce that since rolling out our Nowh Guna Tseh Carrier Culture training for service providers, we have now provided the training to over 75 CSFS staff. We have had the pleasure of also having a few service providers from other organizations who have signed up to join us!

The Nowh Guna ‘Our Way’ training highlights and expands on areas touched in on in the Nowh Guna’ Carrier cultural resource book.  Areas of the training include interactive and experiential exercises to learn about personal stereotypes and biases, the local history of colonization. The training covers the basic skills, attitudes and knowledge to enhance cultural competency for professional practice. 

Learning Objectives Day One
-     Understand how stereotypes are formed and influence relationships
-     Take a look at pre-contact history and examples of how Carrier people lived
       before European settlers arrived
-     Develop empathy and understanding around the effects of Colonization
-     Legislation (Indian Act +)
-     Colonization methods, through personal context / story sharing
-     Experiential learning ‘circle exercise’ to learn about colonization from a local context
-     Examine realities today for First peoples living in north central BC
-     Dispel myths about First Nations people
Learning Objectives Day Two
-     Look at the Carrier language and dialects used in north central BC
-     Compare the traditional Carrier world views to traditional European views
-     Explore relationship and trust development strategies
-     Learn about the Carrier Clan and governance system (+ protocols)
-     Discuss strategies to respond to racism
-     Reflect on your personal cultural competency and set goals

External service providers are welcome to join us on a fee per seat basis in our future training sessions. Training dates and locations are posted in the news and calendar sections of our website! Dates for Fall 2019 will be set.  Keep watch with our Goozih as we keep dates posted here as well. We can also provide training to larger groups on a contracted basis, with all funds raised going toward our internal staff training costs. 

Our intention is to offer this first introductory training, and later develop and offer specific practice training. We plan to further partner with each of our member Nations to develop and provide Nation specific training.

For more information about the training, please contact, or  or call (250) 562 3591.



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