Program Highlight: Professional Development

Program Highlight: Professional Development

March 6, 2023

As the professional world becomes more competitive, and the job market becoming more diverse, it is crucial to learn new skills, develop existing skills, to enhance your productivity – all of which can help in adapting more easily to the workforce. 


What CSFS is doing to contribute to professional development for staff, member nations and communities.

One of our strategic goals is to increase support to the Nations we serve in their journey to self-sufficiency, and one of those ways we do that is by providing relevant education and training. Over the past five years, CSFS employment has rapidly grown, which has increased the depth and quality of talent within the organization.

Through the Professional Development program, we are able to build capacity to better position individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve their professional goals and objectives more efficiently.


How we are building capacity for communities

In an effort to build capacity externally, CSFS created our very own Carrier Agility Training ‘Nowh Guna’ for external stakeholders and community members. This training provides basic information on Carrier culture, history, addressing stereotypes and biases, as well as developing the attitudes needed to provide culturally competent services for Indigenous peoples.

The original purpose of the training was to assist medical staff in understanding trauma-informed care from an Indigenous perspective, but it has since gathered interests from post-secondary institutions, social workers, nurses, and even school districts.

In addition, young adults or members of the community who want to transition into post-secondary institutions; or are trying to decide what to do for post-secondary education can receive guidance about selecting programs, or remedial work from the Professional Development program.

Another example is bridging learning barriers for community members in remote areas like Takla, the Professional Development program along with partners make formal arrangements for students to come to Prince George to get their high school degree.


The Team

The program has a community and staff development manager and two part time teachers who are all dedicated to providing tutoring support to students who need it.

Thomas Paterson, CSFS Community and Staff Development Manager, says that the team works hard at ensuring that clients needs are understood, and information is shared through clear communication channels.

“We want to make sure that as a team we understand the learning opportunities people need, and how we can provide them. Making sure there is a clear communication of what opportunities are available, providing access to them and getting the information out in a timely manner." Member nations can now visit the ‘learning and training for member nations’ page on our website for more details about new learning opportunities.”

For more information about the program, please contact Thomas Paterson at


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