Community Kitchen Cookbook - Now Available for Download!

Community Kitchen Cookbook - Now Available for Download!

December 14, 2020

You may have seen our ongoing Community Kitchen video series over on our Facebook and YouTube pages. We have compiled many recipes from that series into a cookbook, which you can now download for yourself here!

About Community Kitchen: 

Community Kitchen was a monthly program where the CSFS Maternal Child Health (MCH) team would visit a community and host a cooking party. They would choose the recipe with the community members, provide the ingredients, and cook the meal with the participants to take home for their family and elders. 

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020, everything changed. The program had to find ways to adapt and get creative to find new ways to stay connected and ensure clients still felt supported.

As a result, Virtual Community Kitchen was created. The cooking show includes a recipe, chosen by the lovely and hardworking Maternal Child Health team, that they want to share with clients. Then, the MCH staff prepare and cook the recipes on camera. Occasionally, the MCH staff invite guest cooks from different communities, who sometimes demonstrate how to make some cultural specialities. The videos are uploaded to Facebook and YouTube each week for viewers to watch. 

Once the videos are filmed, the MCH team also deliver the ingredients to communities so participants can prepare the dishes and follow along with the videos. MCH workers connect with every client to determine how many families are receiving the food, go out and shop for all of the ingredients, then separate, measure, and package the food to be delivered to each family. 

By delivering the ingredients, staff stay connected with their clients, get a short socially-distanced visit at the front door, and bring a smile to their faces. Serving and connecting with families brings joy to the MCH team as well.

Now that the video series has been running for several months, the Community Kitchen series has extended beyond its intended audience, as they are now being enjoyed by other nations, communities, and organizations.

Please enjoy this Community Kitchen Cookbook, which compiles some of our most popular recipes from the Community Kitchen video series. 

You can also view all of the recipes with this YouTube playlist.

Also check out this popular Bannock Tacos recipe by Cecilia John!


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