Support for Trina Nooski has been "Overwhelming"

Support for Trina Nooski has been "Overwhelming"

July 16, 2020

By Jordan Cryderman


You have probably heard about Trina Nooski’s need for a new kidney, as local news continues to report on her story. A mother of five, Trina needs a new kidney in order to be there for her family and raise her children. However, because of all of the sharing on social platforms and media attention, Trina is receiving an “overwhelming” amount of support. 


“I’m getting tons of messages from people I don’t even know…asking how to proceed with becoming a donor. I’m in awe for how many people are coming up to me through the kindness of their own hearts… it’s overwhelming, but a good overwhelming.”


Trina’s mother, Alberta Charlie, has been devoted to sharing Trina’s story on Facebook to get the word out, and ask willing people to get tested and determine their compatibility with Trina in the hopes of finding a donor.


So far, it appears to be working. 


“I’m getting messages from some people I know, and some people I don’t know, they’re saying they’re trying to phone the number [to get tested],” says Trina.


With more people getting tested, from people Trina knows to strangers, hope is being restored.


“Knowing there’s a lot of good-hearted people doing this just out of the kindness of their heart…just makes me feel really happy and supported…I feel pretty hopeful now.”


Trina was diagnosed with kidney disease back in 2015, but it wasn’t until she gave birth last year to her youngest child, Easton, when her condition worsened. Now she needs a kidney. Currently, Trina is receiving dialysis treatment, but it is not a permanent solution. Each treatment session lasts for about four hours, all time she has to spend away from her family. When she is home, Trina has noticed a significant decline in energy. 


Not only would a new kidney help with her medical condition, it would also help Trina live a normal life with her family.


“It would mean a lot because right now it’s tiring cause he [Easton] is getting more mobile and crawling. I would like my husband to go back to work. I notice I don’t do things like I used to, and I get tired more easily.”


Carrier Sekani Family Services would like to welcome any questions you may have about Chronic Kidney Disease, including the process of becoming a donor. If you are having troubles with the process, we can help.


You can contact our Chronic Disease Nurse, Eloisa Turgeon, by phone at (778) 349-4416 or by email at

If you would like to inquire about becoming a donor, including testing for the possibility of donating a kidney to Trina, you can visit the Transplant BC website. 


You can also contact living donor programs in BC:


Vancouver General Hospital Living Donor Program – Kidney

604-875-5182 or 1-855-875-5182




St. Paul’s Hospital Living Donor Program – Kidney

604-806-9027 or 1-877-922-9822


You can also contact your local health care provider for more information.


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