SHARED Information in regards to What to Expect Returning Back School

SHARED Information in regards to What to Expect Returning Back School

May 29, 2020

SD 57 Schools

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 will return to class two days a week, either Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday, in order to maintain 50 percent or less of students in the school at one time.

Students will be divided into groups alphabetically, with some allowances made to keep family groups together. Students in

Grades 6 and 7 will attend one day a week, either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Secondary school students in Grades 8 to 12 will also attend one day a week and will attend classes based on their regular timetable.

For all grades, Wednesdays will be set aside specifically for teachers to work with and support students who are learning from home.

Children needing extra supports, and elementary school students whose parents are essential workers, will continue to be able to attend classes up to five days a week as they already have been.

Each school is developing specific safety protocols for staff and students to access the building.
Students and staff will be assessed if they are sick before entering, and no staff or students will be allowed to attend if they are unwell. In addition, if any student starts to show symptoms while at school they will be asked to leave.
For students who can't leave immediately, each school will have a space for that student to self-isolate until a parent or guardian can pick them up.

All of our schools already have designated washing areas. 
Students should only bring what they need for that day, as they will not have access to lockers or bins at school. No sharing of food, school supplies, or other materials will be allowed.
Students should not bring any food to school that requires being heated or prepared, because students won't have access to microwaves at schools.

Parents should arrange rides for their children to get to and from school if possible, however school bus service will be available.

Social distancing measures will be enforced on school buses, which may mean barriers between students and bus drivers in some cases, Richardson said. In addition, students will each be required to sit in a separate seat, unless they are family members who live together.

SD 91 Schools

Schools are currently finalizing specific procedures for the Health and Safety of everyone based on Worksafe and Public Health protocols. All families who want their children to attend classes will need to contact their principal before attending due to new capacity & scheduling requirements. We know most families have indicated a preference already to their teacher or principal. More information will be communicated to families in the next few days about the next steps that start on Monday. 

If possible, we request that parents use their own vehicles to transport their children to school as the capacity on our buses will be reduced under these new physical distancing guidelines.
For those families requiring busing, our Transportation Department is working hard to prepare our fleet under the new safety procedures. Bus routes and pick up/drop off times may be adjusted and all parents who have registered will be contacted soon.

Students with disabilities and diverse needs can access daily support and should collaborate with their school team about specific scheduling. Essential Service Workers (ESW) can access five-day week support by registering at: 

In-class and remote learning will look different than the previous several weeks because we cannot expect teachers to support both remote and in-class duties within the regular workday. Principals are aligning their available staff in a variety of ways that support both types of learning, this may mean some children will have a different teacher until the end of the school year.  

If you have further questions, please reach out to your school principal.
Parents will be notified by the school on which days their child will attend. If a parent hasn’t heard from the school by Friday to call the school and speak with them directly. Elementary classes will be offered 2 days per week staggered, and high school 1 day per week.

Nus Wadeelzuhl School, Takla Lake First Nation

The school will not open until September for the new school year.

Lake Babine Nation Schools and Day Care

The LBN daycare are to re-open on June 1st based on ratio and health and safety protocols.  The children will have space for a safe environment.  The LBN schools will not be re-opening at this time but will be closely monitoring the opening of the public schools. 


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