What Does Pink Shirt Day Mean, Really?

What Does Pink Shirt Day Mean, Really?

February 26, 2020

By Jordan Cryderman


February 26th, the last Wednesday of the month, marks Pink Shirt Day in Canada. It is a day to stand up against bullying and support those who may be currently dealing with a bully. Although Pink Shirt Day is celebrated across the globe, the origins of this day started right here in Canada! 


Pink Shirt Day originated in Berwick, Nova Scotia, in 2007. Chuck McNeill was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on his first day of school.  To raise awareness, and to support Chuck, David Shepherd and Travis Price brought pink shirts to their high school and handed them out to other students to stand up against bullying.


From this small gesture, Pink Shirt Day has evolved into an event celebrated around the globe.


But what does Pink Shirt Day mean now, in 2020? For many, it means no longer standing by idle while others are bullied. It means recognizing physical, mental and emotional bullying and helping put a stop to it. It’s about creating a safe community that is inclusive for all, regardless of age, sex, gender, ability, race, or cultural background. 


Pam Spooner, Director of Indigenous Education at School District 57, says that Pink Shirt Day is about treating others with respect, and is a reminder to be kind, but she also wants to see the same messages go beyond this day.


“It shouldn’t be just one day.” Spooner says that we need these same aspects of Pink Shirt Day to be exercised beyond just one day, and should be how we treat people every day.


You may have noticed that CSFS designed its own pink shirt, which proved to be quite popular on Facebook. We were only able to get a small order of shirts in this year, so shirts were limited. Look for our shirts again in 2021! 


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