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The Gifts of Animals
January 30, 2020

Rita George of Wet'suwet'en shares with us her stories on using parts of a beaver to bestow gifts of the animals onto children.

The Legend of the Young Hunter and Old Man Moon
November 28, 2019

“To us Indian time is not derogatory, it doesn’t mean you’re late. Indian time is all the time, we make the best use of our...

A True Christmas Miracle Story from Takla Lake
December 23, 2017

A true Christmas Miracle Story which happened in Takla in the 1940's, as shared by Robert Abraham!

The Legend of Kaloogas
November 02, 2017

Francois Prince shared this legend, which his father Nick (Usdani') shared with him about a wealthy tribesman who lost everything to gambling, and...

CSFS Girls Culture Camp Recipe Book
July 07, 2017

Check out our tracitional Carrier recipe book which was created for the CSFS Girls Culture Camp in 2012.

The Creation of Mouse Mountain
March 02, 2017

A story about the creation of Mouse Mountain, as told by Emma Baker.

Carrier Intuition and Connection to the Land
February 01, 2017

Check out our guest post by Robert Abraham who shared a story about his mother’s intuition, and the connection between Carrier people and their...

Traditional Stories - Estas Part 1
November 25, 2016

The first post in our Traditional Stories series, check out a few tales about the Carrier trickster - Estas!

Birch Bark Basket Making with Noleen McQuary
November 21, 2016

We were delighted to have Noleen McQuary join us recently to share some of her knowledge around Carrier Birch Bark Basket making.

Carrier Traditional Medicines Part 5 – Animal Medicine
September 28, 2016

Our final traditional medicine blog post features information shared by our research participants on animal medicines.

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