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Living Life of Integrity

Living Life of Integrity

Feb 12, 2023
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Integrity means we act in the best interest of others, acting in support of the collective good and consider the community and the organization in what we do. At CSFS we support, encourage and celebrate our coworkers. We celebrate and take pride in our service, how our work is making a positive impact in the communities we belong to and serve.

Integrity means we act in the best interest of others, working together as a team, the more the merrier. Growing up as a little girl, for as long as I could remember, we would hunt, fish, berry pick, and make medicines in our respective communities. Our way of life is to share with our families and with people close by. We all strive to work hard together and try hard in our workplaces too. We hold each other up, help one another, support one another, get along and learn from each other. 


We also take the time to reward each other every now and then, appreciating the hard work that has been done. Performance is very important. If you work hard, you will succeed. As an individual you have to think ahead.

My grandpa always told us, “think ahead, you're going to get ahead and it’ll get you places.” They told us growing up, “when you get a job, do a really good job. If you work hard and get better and better, you will get a really good job.”

To move you up, you have to earn it. You have to work your way up.

It is like that with CSFS staff, you have to work hard to succeed, serving people and meeting them at their level. It definitely helps get you to more places. I’m not only saying this out of experience, but being involved with CSFS since the beginning of time. I've been around the organization for a long time and retired as soon as I turned 65. I am 69 years now, and I still work hard, doing good things for people, always there willing to help in any way I can. 

Always look to help and encourage one another. Work together as a family. That is what I always did, helping a lot of people. That's what you should strive to do. Work together as a team and you will all succeed.


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